• All water is Zalt water 2020

    All water is Zalt water

  • 21,20 kg/ 137 cm

    Congratulations, Oliver Riesch!

    With use of Zalt 14, Netherlands  9 March 2020

  • Congratulations! 

    Fredrik Johansson 20160401 with the Swedish record pike 21,07 kg on Zalt

The smal company with the big pike

Zalt is a Swedish sportfishing brand founded in 1989. The company has the same name as its first product, Zalt. The baits are mainly known for huge pike catches. To our help we have three excellent Zalt Teams for testing, input and participation in competitions.

Our baits are named Zalt, Zalt Z, Zam, Zam Z and Zam Z jerktail. They cover cranking, jerking and trolling for a lot of species and are available in different sizes and patterns, in floating, suspending and sinking. Zalt Company also offer fishing rods adapted for the baits.

All our baits are free of lead.



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